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How Does It Work?

How Does Quick Grow Work?

When your amino intake is increased, your body starts producing more keratin, which results in faster growing hair and stronger nails. The actual keratin production takes place in the follicle of your hair, where live keratin cells are pushed up and out of the dermal papilla, resulting in a concentration of keratin cells that are pushed up and out of the follicle. As the keratin cells are pushed up, they become flatter and more tightly packed on top of each other, creating 3 types of kerating, the soft inner, the firm middle and the hard outer keratin tiles that form the outer layer of your hair. The faster these keratin cells form, the more ‘building blocks’ are produced to form a longer and faster growing strand of hair. Our tablets are packed with advanced amino’s, combined with a signature blend that teaches your body and your hair follicles to absorb the amino’s optimally for the best results. Additionally, our supplement range contains a signature amino that cannot be synthesized from a food source or diet, and thus has to be supplemented. We are born with this signature amino, but as we grow older it depletes. You know your body is depleted of this amino when your hair growth speed slows down or stops growing, and your cell production slows down. This signature Amino is directly responsible for the speed of keratin and cell production. Our entire range uses this registered trademarked technology and has achieved 3.6cm’s in 5 weeks. To best understand how your body will respond to the products is this; your body has a certain keratin production speed that is directly linked to your age and amino intake. Should your amino intake be low, your keratin production slows down. When you start to regularly increase your amino intake, so the keratin production speeds up. Like a swimming pool, your amino levels have to reach a certain point, after which your keratin production speeds up and overflows (imagine a swimming pool filling up, and once it reaches the brim, it overflows), so your keratin production speeds up and starts producing keratin in excess when your body has an optimum level of amino’s on a regular basis. This is usually achieved after 1 month of regular intake and topical use of our advanced amino’s (and your body correctly absorbing them through our signature herbal blend).

What results can I expect from Quick Grow?

If using the Shampoo and Conditioner daily, you can expect to see results within 2 weeks of use. We have recorded results of 2cm’s in 3 weeks, 3.6cms is 4 weeks and 4cm’s in 6 weeks.

Will Quick Grow make my hair thicker?

The short answer is no, if you were born with fine thin hair, then that is unfortunately the way it will be. However, many of our Quick Grow fans have told us that their hair looks and feels thicker, and from a scientific stand point, if the hair strands are richly nourished then they will look and feel thicker and more healthy, which is exactly what Quick Grow will give you.

Hair Growth Speed?

The average normal hair growth speed is around 0.85cm to 1.25cm every 4 – 5 weeks. We have achieved between 3 – 4cm’s in the same period.

How Often Should I wash my hair with Quick Grow?

If you are not using the supplementation, you would need to wash your hair as often as possible in order to see results. Ideally, you would need to wash your hair every day.

Can I use the tablets while pregnant?

No, and it is highly recommended you discuss this with your doctor prior to using the supplementation after giving birth and while breastfeeding.

How to get the best results using Quick Grow?

Can I use the Shampoo or Conditioner on its own?

Yes, each item in our range contains our trademarked patented advanced amino complex ensuring your get optimal results with any of our products. However, the Shampoo and Conditioner must be used together, as they are a 2 step program that prepares the hair and seals in the advanced aminos for optimal results.

Sulphate and Sodium Chloride Free?

Yes, our shampoo’s and conditioners are Sulphate free, Sodium Chloride free, DEA free and Paraben free.

What could affect my results when using Quick Grow?

The following medications and medical conditions deplete your amino levels within your body, and as a result directly affect your hair growth speed and hair condition;

Safe to use on Brazilians / Keratin Straightened Hair?

Yes, Quick Grow is free of all stripping and harmful chemicals including sodium chloride and sulphates and thus safe to use on Brazilian or similar hair straightening regimes.

Does the Nutritional Shake contain sugar?

No, we use a sweetener equivalent called Stevia for all our gorgeous health conscious fans.

How many calories per serving of the Nutritional Shake?

Our Advanced Amino shake only contains 55 calories per serving (1 scoop in 250ml of milk or water). Note: for best taste, use chilled milk or water, or add an ice-block or two.

Is the Nutritional Shake Halaal?

It is not certified Halaal, however our manufacturing processes are Halaal and can supply a certificate on request.

Are the Capsules Vegan?

No, we use a gelatin capsule casing for optimal absorption and thus are not vegan.

Does Quick Grow stop hair loss?

No, Quick Grow is scientifically formulated to increase your keratin cell production, which directly affects the speed of growth, but does not stop hair loss. Please call our offices for a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists: 011 794 8820 or arrange a consultation appointment.

Is Quick Grow safe for children to use?

Yes, the shampoo and conditioner is safe for children from any age.

My hair doesn’t grow at all, will I see results with Quick Grow?

I know many women who suffered with this and have even ended up at hair clinics spending thousands of rands trying to find the root cause. You mention that your hair grows from the root but remains at shoulder length. This tells me that your hair is weak and is breaking off at the same speed as it is growing from the root (thus you aren’t seeing a difference in length). The first and most crucial culprit to this is ironing your hair on a regular basis, this causes extensive damage that, if seen under a microscope, a hair iron actually stretches and scorches the hairs outer cuticle layer. So imagine a soft supple strand of keratin, immediately after it is ironed it appears soft and silky, but after 1 wash the hair looks dry and brittle like a twig. And what happens to a dry hard twig? It breaks off at the slightest brush, wash or iron. So first and foremost I would go back to blow-drying and steer clear of any hair irons for a month. To strengthen the hair from the inside, you need to replenish the body with amino’s so that your body can produce its own keratin (instead of slathering keratin products onto the outside of your hair making it hard, brittle and not fixing the problem). To get your body to produce more keratin I would strongly recommend you go onto either the Quick Grow capsules or the Quick Grow nutritional shake.  I would also recommend washing your hair as often as possible, ideally every day until you start seeing a difference in growth.  Once you are happy with your hair growth speed you can return to your normal hair washing routine, however it is highly recommended to remain on the supplementation as this is fundamental to sustaining the growth speed.

Does Quick Grow affect hair growth on the body and face?

There are 2 types of hair found on the human body. The first is known as vellus hair; fine short modulated hairs coving much of the body surface. This hair is affected by hormone levels. Quick Grow contains no hormones or any substrates that affect or are linked to vellus hair. The second type of hair is known as terminal hair; thin long strands that grow in length and are found on your head and under arms, legs and pubic area. Quick Grow affects the speed of growth of these hairs only, but would not increase hair density – only the speed of the length of hair grown in these areas.

I have gone for Chemo – is Quick Grow safe to use in remission?

Yes, Quick Grow is safe to use when in during and when in remission of Chemo therapy treatment.

Why am I not seeing results yet?

Thank you for your valued enquiry. The easiest way to explain it would be this: see your amino level in your body like the level of a swimming pool. A depleted amino level would be represented by our ‘empty swimming pool’ analogy if that makes any sense? Right, so if your hair grows very slowly, this is represented by a ‘low’ or ‘empty pool’. This pool needs to ‘fill up’ first before it can overflow. In order for this to happen, your amino levels need to be at their optimum level (i.e: the pool needs to be ‘full’). You see, your body uses amino’s for all sorts of functions, and only when it has a healthy reserve does it start using it for ‘non essential functions’ such as hair and nail growth. Realistically, if you aren’t seeing results within your first 3 weeks of use, your amino reserve is building up, and you should definitely start seeing a difference in week 5 - 6 of regular use of the range. You are encouraged to shampoo and condition your hair more frequently too (ideally daily), concentrating on lathering the shampoo into the follicles of your hair for 2 minutes, thus ensuring optimum absorption. It is also ideal to take the shake later in the afternoon as your body’s metabolism goes through a slump between 2pm and 4pm, which is the best time to give your body a nice healthy dose of essential amino’s, vitamins and minerals. Also, try take the capsules at a similar time every day, this teaches your body that it doesn’t have to store and reserve these amino’s and rather use it in the body, because it starts relying on its regular dose every day.